Reclaim Your Digital Life with New Dapps

Let’s face it, you’re being watched — “big brother”, Facebook, and all kinds of snoops. But with the help of blockchain technology, we can fight back and reclaim our digital life. Meanwhile, dapp builders are making things possible by bringing simple, secure, and incredibly useful features to decentralized apps — whatever for fun or function, these dapps provide some new ways to chat with your friends, cure the diseases, and… confess!

Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week。

🔐 Reclaim: Your data, your control

Who knows you better than you know yourself? Not your folks, not your best friends, it’s your “friend” from Facebook, Google, and other internet giants. They’re trying to figure out the way to collect our data so they can sell us stuff we don’t need, and share the information with others and make the most profit out of it. Now it’s the time to act to control your online data and Reclaim can help you with that.

Built on top of Blockstack, Reclaim is a decentralized tool for data ownership, allowing you to regain control of your data from online services and data brokers. Reclaim gives you the choices to download, opt-out, or remove your data (emails, phone numbers and etc) from across the websites, such as social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat), e-commerce (Amazon, eBay, Etsy), Fitbit, Google Maps, and much more.

When you’re logged in Reclaim, all you need to do is choose the sites or those third-party services that you want to download or remove your data from, then you will find the information on how to request your data, fill out your request and send it out — very simple and direct, so you don’t have to go to other pages and no more other steps that you need to go through.


💬 Status: More than just a private messaging dapp

A private and secure messaging dapp is great, but Status goes a step further by offering a crypto wallet and web3 browser — so you can chat with friends, store crypto, and explore the latest dapps all in one place!

Status is an Ethereum-based dapp that combines a peer-to-peer messenger, crypto wallet, and web3 browser. For non-crypto peeps, you will find use Status just like using iMessage or any other messaging apps, there are a bunch of stickers you can choose while sending messages. Also, you will be able to send and receive cryptos seamlessly through chat integration — just like you send a payment using Apple Pay in iMessage.

If you’re up for private, secure communication and much more, go download Status on your iPhone or Android now.


🌚 Confessin: Decentralized confession platform

When was your last confession? Can’t remember…? Well, we don’t get to judge but if you like, you may start your confession on the blockchain!

Powered by Blockstack, Confessin is a safe space to share your deep dark secret or your dark humor. Your words will appear on a board and people will react to it with baby angle emoji, happy devil emoji and etc. If you’re looking for a special way to let go of your little guilt or just want to send an “encrypted” message to someone, you should give Confessin a try! And for us, this is just pure ART, look at these:


💊 Rarenote: Infomation platform for rare diseases patient

The healthcare and medical industry are adopting the blockchain technology. Lately, people use the blockchain-powered tracker to track real-time coronavirus news. And it’s just the beginning. A new dapp called Rarenote joined our community last week, what they want to do is to find the solution to incurable diseases by curating personal health data.

Rarenote is a Klaytn-based platform that helps rare disease patients come one step closer to medical treatment. Patients can upload and manage their health data on the platform to get suitable medicines or treatments that are under development or participate in the clinical trials. These data can be applied for patient recruitment for clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, which support new drug development. All data is stored on the blockchain safely and securely and nothing will be used without patients’ consent.

Also, Rarenote comes with a crypto-based reward — HP, a service point that utilizes Klaytn blockchain. Patients can get HP by using the service like submitting data or taking surveys.

Rarenote is now available on App Store and Google Play.


Besides these four new dapps, we also have Fuse Studio, a no-code platform for entrepreneurs joined us. We’re obsessed with no-code products and Fuse is a new way to help you launch services and reach customers on the blockchain. You will be able to integrate payments into your business, also build a community around Fuse, too.
This article was originally published on on February 17, 2020.

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