Building Impact, Block by Block

Below, a roundup of the new dapps for you to try out this week they are truly stand out from the crowd, either by bringing real impact to our city and our life or being incredibly useful and well designed.

🏠 Bldg: Building the neighborhood economy

We’re meant to dream and think big. Do you ever want the neighborhood and city where you live in to be more sustainable, more inclusive, and more resourceful? Now with the help of Bldg and the blockchain, you can make that happen.

If you BLD it, they will come.” — The Bldg Team 

Built on top of the EOS blockchain, Bldg is a platform for community engagement and neighborhood impact. It creates a new way of urban crowdfunding — unlike Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding sites, Bldg provides the project and participates with crypto rewards and much more.

Here’s how it works: If you are an urban designer or a real estate company, you are planning on building something for the neighborhood, like a commercial building, a coffee shop, a park, a museum… instead of raising funds in a common way, you can launch a project on Bldg and raise money from there to kick-start your project. On your Bldg project page, you can engage the public contributors by showcasing your project, creating polls and events and etc — you know what to do to keep your community happy. For those contributors, they can socially invest in your project and earn rewards through engagement, nurturing stakeholdership in the place you all live and love.

Bldg also has a dashboard that shows projects’ impact score with activity data of project engagement, finance, and community collaboration. It helps contributors to choose a better project to invest in.

Bldg is for builders who dream. So if that’s you, join Bldg and let’s build!

🧘‍♀️ MindTalk: Mind yourself on the blockchain

There are so many mindfulness apps out there, we couldn’t help but wonder, do we need more apps to keep us “chill”? Or a better question, how to be mindful? And how to achieve mindfulness for self-love? Someone try meditate, someone tracks their mood and someone practices journaling. Whatever which method you use, it is a very private thing, which means your privacy has to be a priority for the platform or app you are using.

MindTalk helps you build a positive habit of journaling and also respects your privacy. All your data are encrypted on your device and synced automatically, and all you need to do is focus on yourself and talk to your mind.

To try it out, log in with your Blockstack ID, then take a few minutes to get a handle on your emotions with one or a few sentences, whatever it works for you, and come out the other side feeling refreshed.

Go use it and let us know what you think. And now we are sending you positive vibes and hope you have a great week ahead!

✌️MemeStack: A decentralized meme maker

MemeStack is way more than just a regular meme generator and it is powered by Blockstack.

It’s very easy to use. After logging in with your Blockstack ID, you can start by uploading a main photo and creating a header for your meme. Then use a simple tool to change the appearance of text, add funny icons and etc. You can see the results of your edits immediately in a preview panel.

If you want to stay “classic”, MemeStack has prepared a few templates for you to choose from, you will find that woman yelling at cat over there, too. Just pick one to get started, then fill out the text. Easy!

It’s Monday again and we need some memes. What is your favorite meme of the day? Show us now!


This article was originally published on on February 10.

*All images © their respective owners.

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