Securing Your Future in a Decentralized Way

The world we’re living in is becoming more complex — digital fraud, data breach, (exchange) hacks are on the rise. More unprecedented security challenges that we have to deal with in our lives than ever before. The good thing is blockchain technology can be the ultimate solution for these universal problems, and decentralized apps have more effective approaches in tackling the threats of today as well as the future.

Here are four new dapps that will make your future life more secure and more enjoyable.

Nexus Mutual: Decentralized alternative to insurance

No one has control over life and death, but we’re not going to talk about the importance of getting life insurance today — in fact, we need peace of mind in the crypto world, too. If you have heard of recent attacks on bZx, and also for any newbie investors out there, when it comes to crypto investing, it always seems a little bit risky, “Welp”!

Here comes Nexus Mutual, an Ethererum-based dapp that provides people with more transparent, accessible, and affordable financial protection against the smart contract risks.

Nexus Mutual wants to return the power of insurance to the people by creating a risk-sharing pool (mutual), so anyone will be able to become a member and buy cover. If things like the DAO hack or Parity multi-sig wallet hack happen, you will receive a fixed pay-out. As for the process of submitting and accessing a claim, mutual members who hold and stake a certain amount of the NXM token (Nexus Mutual’s own token) will get to vote and decide on the claim — unlike any other regular insurance companies, which only “the company” can make the final call.

After paying out its first claims to the people from the bZx exploit, we’re no doubt that Nexus Mutual can provide the guarantee to DeFi users and makes sure their funds get protected.

So, will you get yourself insurance cover via Nexus Mutual on your next DeFi deposit?

BlockResume: Your private resume builder

It’s almost March and graduation season is just two more months away. Applying for a job? Need a killer resume to get you hired? If you’re (already) feeling overwhelmed by resumes and deadlines — hey, we’ve all been there, BlockResume can help you out and get your resume stand out from the crowd to nail your dream job.

Built on top of Blockstack, BlockResume is a tool for automatically generating beautiful resumes and it respects you and your data privacy. All your resumes and data will be encrypted and stored on the private storage.

To start creating your first resume on BlockResume, you need a Blockstack ID to log into the website, choose a template, and then start filling in your information. BlockResume will automatically save your updates and you can see your output right there on the same page. Once you’re finished, you can print out the resume or download it as a PDF file.

Steem Recipe: Recieve delicious rewards on Steem

Just like Food52 and Tasty, Steem Recipe is a place where you can share recipes, but it’s built on the blockchain and with Steem-based rewards.

We love cooking so we love Steem Recipe. With this new dapp — we believe it will be a new way of celebrating the awesomeness of food with your friends and family, you can share your homemade recipes with them and teach them how to cook like a pro, and they (and other food bloggers and users) will vote for their favorites. The more votes you get, the more rewards you will get.

It seems most of the recipes on Steem Recipe are Japanese cuisine. So calling all the food bloggers to join the platform, it will be the place that not just turn your delicious-looking food into a mouth-watering and color-popping photo and also it will help you make some real dough from posting it!

Hackvibes: Matchmaking platform for makers and entrepreneurs

Well, we can’t do everything on our own. That’s why we need the team so we can build together and learn from each other. If your goal is to find someone who can create and build something that will make an impact or just need feedback from a fellow maker about your side project, Hackvibes can help you find the perfect match.

Hackvibes is a Klaytn-based dapp, building an ecosystem for makers and entrepreneurs. It reminds us a lot about CoFounderLab, an online community of entrepreneurs supporting each other’s success. With the help of blockchain, now it makes perfect sense to move the community “on-chain”.

Here’s how it works: Whatever you’re a maker, designer, and developers, you will need to create your profile and vibes — a design thinking exercises to get you to start a conversation with your match. Then Hackvibes will help you to find a match based on each other’s profile and vibes, and you guys will be on a one-on-one chat. Klaytn blockchain and KLAY will the proof of commitment and get you a higher level of commitment between you and your match.


This article is originally published on on Feb 24, 2020.
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