Embracing Data Privacy with New Dapps

If data is the new oil, then privacy is the new green.

Are you worried about your personal data is compromised in the hands of big companies that you-know-who? Are you looking for alternatives and willing to replace those regular apps just because you want to feel safe and confidently own your data and privacy?

If you answered *YES* to any of these questions, it is time to take back control of your own data. And did you know tomorrow is Data Privacy Day? So, there is no better time than now to start using decentralized apps — dapps that respect your privacy and give you the power to control your own data.

Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week:

Encrypted Box helps you remember everything

Have you ever tried to remember a password, but it just slips your mind? Well, we’ve all been there.  Sometimes we just can’t recall things like a password or a piece of information. Here comes Encrypted Box, a decentralized tool, to help you manage things like passwords and much more.

Unlike other Blockstack password management dapps, Encrypted Box is the one that not just storing and managing passwords for you, but also you can use it as decentralized storage to store all the notes, documents, and photos. All your data and files will be encrypted and stored on Blockstack decentralized Gaia storage, so no one else can get access to expect you.

Encrypted Box is currently free to use with no storage limit. Give it a try and turn it into your personal “memory storage”!

Swash: A browser extension that pays you to surf the web

You know your data are being collected while you are browsing the web. What you can do is either choose to switch to more private and secure web browsers like Brave, or you can choose to make money out of it. It’s your data and you get to choose to stay private or get paid.

Swash is a browser extension that collects and aggregates your browsing activities and data, such as email address, URL, click and etc. Swash collects all the information and provides a way for you to share and sell your data on the Streamr Marketplace, a decentralized data market, and you’ll get paid in the form of DATA, an ERC-20 token. And of course, you will be in control of what specific data you’d like to share by adjusting your privacy settings.

Swash extension now works on Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Vegan Scanner: Choose vegan-friendly item in a decentralized way

Not a hotdog 🌭️, but is it vegan 🥦?

Vegan Scanner is a mobile dapp that helps you identify vegan-friendly products. It has more than 700 can-be-vegan and non-vegan ingredients and currently supports 1.5 million food product barcodes. So it’s really helpful for you to choose vegan-friendly grocery items while you are shopping.

You can get the dapp from App Store and then start scanning the food product barcode to know if it contains non-vegan ingredients, or searching for all not vegan ones. If you want to save the items that you just searched, you need to log in with your Blockstack ID. Your data will be encrypted and saved on the decentralized storage securely.

This article is originally published on Dapp.com on January 27, 2020.
*All images © their respective owners. The cover picture is courtesy of Matthew Henry

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