Data Dignity Is in the Air

“Can’t Be Evil = Data Dignity” — Patrick Stanley, Head of Growth at Blockstack PBC It’s not a secret — Google may do search better and Facebook may help the world feel more connected, but internet giants like these two use and cook our data — they try to know us better than we know ourselves, so they …

7 YouTube Alternatives You Should Try

Everyone is a content creator. And every day, we deliver powerful communication media to our audience on social media platforms like YouTube. But big companies are losing our trust. Let’s be honest, would you rather use a platform that owns your private data and censors your content or the one puts you and your privacy first …


How is it that we never completely comprehend our love for someone until they're gone?




派派是个好男孩。 因为无论什么事他都会说,“这得好好计划一下”。


今天我和猫互相只说了十句话。我对着电脑工作,他认真抠他那个章鱼朋友的橘红色肚皮。 现在他躺在我后面的沙发上,翻了个身,又换了个姿势继续睡觉。好像已经睡了很久了。