Rolling Into 2020 with New Dapps

Welcome to the first new dapps series of the new year! 2020 should be an exciting year for dapps, NFTs… and of course, all the builders!

As usual, we will be releasing our 2019 Dapp Market Report in the coming days. Before then, let’s roll into the New Year with these new dapps.

Roll: Empower your community with your social money

You’re on Insta a lot and you’ve built a community there. Great! But do you ever want to create social money for your community so your fans can use it to buy your merch and get rewarded? And have you thought about having your own version of Dogecoin, like a personalized Meowcoin?

Powered by the Ethereum network, Roll is a platform that helps to mint, store, and trade branded digital tokens — just image BTS has their BTS tokens. Roll allows you to create and control the social money economy and empower your community.

Here’s how you Roll: Get Roll from the App Store or Google Play and sign up, then the platform will help you to mint your first batch of coins — it will be two million and you will be able to mint all the coins up to a total amount of 10 million. Those coins will be stored in your Roll wallet and you can distribute them to your community in your own terms.

If you’re one of the community members, you can earn coins by contributing and supporting the community. Also, you can redeem and spend your coins on community activities and etc.

Sounds tempting? Request the early access to Roll now!

Safeguard: Your decentralized password manager

Sometimes, we all get frustrated with things like forgetting passwords. That’s why we don’t have a choice but to rely on 1Password and other tools. But 1P isn’t foolproof — sometimes you just can’t remember the master key and you might lose your key and data.

Safeguard helps you to leave those days behind for good and without giving up your data dignity. It protects your passwords — your passwords will be securely stored on Blockstack decentralized Gaia storage and no one else can get access to expect you.

After logging in Safeguard with your Blockstack ID, you will be prompted to sign up with your email and install the extension. You can skip those steps and start adding your password file. The tool also helps you generate new passwords based on your desired level of strength, very simple and easy to use.

LofiFocus: Help you stay focused in a minimalist way

Scrolling through tons of “Focus” playlists on Spotify can make you feel more overwhelmed. If that’s you, maybe you should just choose LofiFocus.

LofiFocus is a little web-based player that built on Blockstack. It doesn’t have many fancy choices like the ones on Spotify — let’s be honest, you don’t need that many choices to get relax and stay claim, right? All you need is some ambient music to keep you stay focused. If you need white noise natural sounds for sleeping, you can also find wind, cafe background, and rainforest. You can set the timer on LofiFocus too.

Now let LofiFocus help you to get your work done.

This article is originally posted on on January 6, 2020.

*All images © their respective owners.

*The poster courtesy of Jin Hou.

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